The original Mrs. America Pageant began in 1938 and lasted for three decades before discontinuing in 1968.  It was designed to select the ideal American homemaker. In 1977, David Z. Marmel formed a new pageant organization and established beauty as a key element in the competition. Mrs. America contestants are strongly urged to voice their opinions on marriage and important issues of the day. 

With a record number of applicants seeking to participate in the Mrs. America Pageant, it is now projected to be the fastest growing pageant program in the United States. The Mrs. America Pageant is the most prestigious and elegant recognized pageant for married women. Established in 1977, this national competition is devoted to proving that America’s 70 million married women are, beyond a doubt, extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile. Each of the 51 Mrs. America candidates achieves the right to participate in the Mrs. America Pageant by winning her statewide competition. 

Under the new restructured Mrs. America leadership, the first Mrs. South Carolina was crowned in 1977
and the outstanding women who have carried the title since that time can be viewed on our Legacy page.

The winner of the Mrs. South Carolina title travels the Palmetto State promoting her personal platform and the ideals of the pageant organization and goes on to compete at the national level in the Mrs. America Pageant. The winner of the coveted Mrs. America crown will travel across the country making personal appearances and promoting her platform to a national audience during her year’s reign. Mrs. America also represents our country in the Mrs. World Pageant.


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