We are so excited that you have an interest in becoming our next Mrs. South Carolina America! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2020 Mrs. South Carolina & Mrs. North Carolina America Pageant
Location, Dates & Time TBA

Call the pageant office at 704.807.7509 to speak with Executive Directors Wendy and Frederick Charles Galle III for more information. To begin your journey to becoming the next Mrs. South Carolina America, continue reading and apply online.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age and there is no age limit.

  • You must be legally married at the time of the competition.

  • You must be a South Carolina resident and a US citizen.

  • There is no talent competition. 

  • Phases of competition include evening gown, swimsuit (one or two-piece), interview and onstage question. 

Apply Online:

A downloadable version of the Mrs. South Carolina America pageant application is available here, or use the form below to apply online.

Please read all Rules & Regulations below and the Application Directions at the bottom of this page before beginning.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Applicant must be married as of the date of entry and throughout the State and National Competitions.

  2. Applicant is and always has been a female and is at least 18 years of age as of the date of entry.

  3. Applicant will continue to be a person of good moral character; affirms that she has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or that will reflect unfavorably on the Pageant, its representatives, sponsors and or/licensees; that during her majority (18 years of age or older), she has not willingly appeared in provocative and sexually explicit photographs for any film, video, or publication prior to, during the State Pageant, or during her reign as a State winner or as “Mrs America.”

  4. Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident of the “State”, or “Military Installation”, in the “State” of entrance into the Pageant. If Applicant seeks to represent the District of Columbia, she must reside in or work within a 25 mile radius, on a full time basis, thereof. Applicant is only permitted to enter one State Pageant per Pageant year, and must follow rules outlined above.

  5. Applicant agrees to look solely to the State Director with respect to all matters relating to the State Pageant, including her application to enter the State Pageant, the preparation, rehearsal, performance and selection process relating to the State Pageant and all other matters relating to the State Pageant. Mrs. America, Inc., its Officers, Directors, Agents and Employees are not liable to Applicant for anything whatsoever in connection with the State Pageant.

  6. Applicant will attend the Mrs. America Pageant (sometimes referred to as the “National Pageant”) if selected as the Winner in the State Pageant and further abide by all the required services, rules and regulations governing this National Pageant. Applicant is responsible to both Mrs. America and her State Director in the event of non-compliance with the same.

  7. Applicant may have a modeling, personal management and/or agency contract, which contract, however, does not include, authorize, or permit the use of the name of “Mrs. America Pageant” or any title designation or reference with respect to the Pageant in any manner. Applicant may not have any commercial tie-up or endorsement agreement or commitment of any kind whatsoever. Applicant agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and the Contestant Agreement required by Mrs. America, Inc.

  8. State Directors, at their discretion, may accept a qualified Contestant, who has competed at the Mrs. America Pageant, in non-consecutive years.

  9. A Contestant may not participate as a contestant in another pageant for married women while holding a city, county, or State Title in the Mrs. America system.

  10. Relative to State matters, the Directors shall have the final approval of wardrobe, appearances, press releases, coaching and hair and make-up providers.

  11. Applicant hereby authorizes the use of any Pageant photos or video reproduction of the Applicant at the State Pageant for promotional purposes.

  12. Mrs. America, Inc. (MAI) at its discretion, may conduct separate Pageants or Contests, such as a: “1st Runner-Up” or “Fabulous Face” Contest and add Delegates to the National Competition. The Winners of the same, or other Delegates, may be placed into the Semi-Final Competition by MAI. “State 1st Runner-Ups” shall be eligible to compete in the State Competition the following year, provided that they do not become Mrs. America.

  13. As consideration for this agreement, Contestant promises to pay the respective State entry fee, all payments being non-refundable.

  14. Failure of a Contestant to abide by the rules above may result in disqualification and or removal of a State Title at the discretion of the State Director, subject to review by the National Pageant Grievance Committee.

  15. There is a $50 fee for all returned checks.

  16. Applications must be received within 2 weeks and all city/county titles are on a first come-first served basis.

Application Directions

  1. APPLICATION: Download, print and complete application and mail to the Mrs. NC/SC office OR apply online using the form above.

  2. CONTESTANT SNAPSHOT: Mail snapshot along with application or email photo after submitting online application. (Official headshot for program book & website will not be due until October.)

  3. APPLICATION FEE: Mail check or use Paypal ( to submit the $55 application fee. (NOTE: If using Paypal you must use/select the “Friends & Family” option so the fee is NOT passed along to the pageant.)

  4. NOTIFICATION: You will be notified in 1-2 weeks after we receive your application and a background check & marriage certification is complete.

  5. SELECTION: If you are selected & qualify as a contestant, you will receive a “Contestant Welcome Package” that will be emailed to you.


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